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Road traffic congestion is a world-wide issue, especially, severe in the developing world which needs specific attention because of the contrasting nature of traffic as compared to developed countries. Traffic in developing countries, like India, is often chaotic with ineffective lane systems and much higher variability in size and speed of vehicles. While the use of public transportation is highly desirable, but uncertainty and overcrowding hinders its effectiveness. This calls for the need of Intelligent Transportation Systems especially designed for developing countries, like India. The project aims to construct an overarching communication framework that can help ease congestion, while also making it much easier for commuters to use public transportation, by harnessing the capabilities of wireless communication and mobile devices. In the project mobile-phone based sensing techniques are being developed and tested under various chaotic road conditions, and are being optimized for metrics such as the mobile’s power consumption. On-road static sensing techniques are also being developed and enhanced. A flexible and scalable Information gathering & dissemination framework is being developed, to collect the (crowdsourced) information centrally, via Mobile internet, WiFi & SMS, as well as disseminate it to interested users. Machine learning techniques are being used to deduce information from the gathered sensor data, and also to develop techniques for identification and elimination of noise/malicious data in crowd-sourced information. Example applications using the CARTS system, will be developed for Android & iOS based smart phone and also for basic phones.


  • Prof. K. K. Ramakrishnan, U.C Riverside, USA


  • Indian Computer Emergency Response Team
  • Transport authority, Chandigarh
  • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
  • Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation
  • MHRD: Design & Innovation Center at UIET

(5 )
Title: Smartphones and Next Generation Computing (Both UG & PG)

Remarks: Enrolment 20/semester; offered: 04 times


Title: Mobile Crowdsourcing and its Applications

Remarks: To be offered in the forthcoming semester

Title: Mobile Application Development for undergraduates

Remarks: PEC and UIET
Enrolment: 7


Title: Big Data Analytics Security and Privacy

Remarks: Enrollment - 8


Title: Security and Privacy

Remarks: Avg. enrolment per offering: 8


(2 )
Title: Mobile Sensing
Title: IoT Lab
(6 )
Title: Online course on Computer Networks

Remarks: Date: Jan-Mar 2015

Title: Computer Networks, CSPIT (Gujarat)

Remarks: Date: Mar 2015

Title: QEEE course, Comp. Networks, Comp. Arch

Remarks: Date: Mar 2015

Title: YCCE (Nagpur), Computer Networks

Remarks: Date: Oct 2015

Title: Expert Talk on IoT

Remarks: Participants: 60
Date: 17 April 2017

Title: Aspiring Souls

Remarks: Participants: 15
Date: 24 October 2017

(2 )
Title: Android Workshop by Developer Student Club

Remarks: Participants: 25
Date: 31 October-11 November 2017

Title: ROS Workshop

Remarks: Participants: 22
Date: 19-23 December 2017

(3 )
Title: 1 day Workshop on wireless networks

Remarks: Participants: 50

Title: Workshop on Big Data

Remarks: Participants:23
Date: 2-3 September 2017

Title: Workshop on 2G/3G Gateway

Remarks: Participants:10
Date: 18 Decemmber 2017

(2 )
Title: Tic Tic: Find my bus (Mobile App to prdict ETA for CTU buses)

Remarks: Year: 2018;
Audience: 300 school children from the tri city

Title: Smart Patrol: Detecting potholes using Smartphones

Remarks: Tic Tic: Find my bus (Mobile App to prdict ETA for CTU buses)
Year: 2016;
Audience: 310 school children from the tri city

(3 )
Title: Waypals

Remarks: Collaboration Area:Experimenting with OBDs

Title: Microsoft

Remarks: Collaboration Area: Research & Development Mentorhsip

Title: Mobond: m-indicator app

Remarks: Collaboration Area: Interactions on real-time bus/train tracking

(6 )
Title: Chandigarh Administration

Remarks: Collaboration Area: Launch of ETA CTU buses Mobile App

Title: Chandigarh Police

Remarks: Collaboration Area: Jointly developing App for Detecting Road Accidents

Title: CERT

Remarks: Collaboration Area: School bus GPS data

Title: BMTC

Remarks: Collaboration Area: Shared their GPS data for analysis

Title: MSRI

Remarks: Collaboration Area: Road safety aspects

Title: MHRD: Design & Innovation Center
(1 )
Title: Azim Premji Foundation
(4 )
Title: Technologies to predict ETA using Smartphones
Title: Traffic State and Vehicle Detection App

Remarks: Mobile App developed for detecting the various traffic states, and the commuting modes using acoustics.

Title: E-rickshaw

Remarks: Mobile App developed for Panjab University by tracking location without GPS

Title: RoadResQ

Remarks: Mobile App developed for detecting road accidents and promoting safe driving (transferred to Chandigarh Police)

(2 )
Title: Chandigarh Administration
Title: Chandigarh Police
(1 )
Title: Participation in smart city Council of Chandigarh Smart City Project to develop their RFP for various smart city activities

Remarks: Offered to: Chandigarh Smart City Project

(7 )
Title: Member, Technical Committee for Red Light Traffic Violation Detection and Cuty Surviellience, Chandigarh Adminsitration
Title: Technical Consultant for the Design and implementation of the Campus Wide Network at PGIMER having a magnitude of 5000 nodes, Chandigarh
Title: Member, Drafting of Information Security Policy for U.T. Administration
Title: Member, Project Appraisal and Review Committee for the Project “Development of Automatic Signatures Identification System though Modeling”, Directorate of Forensic Science, MHA
Title: Technical Member, Design and implementation of GPRS/CDMA based PCR van Tracking System for Chandigarh Police
Title: Technical Member, Design and Implementation of City Surveillance System” for Chandigarh Traffic Police
Title: Technical Member, "Design and Implementation of E-Traffic Chalan System” for Chandigarh Traffic Police


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