Cognitive Radio

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The large population of connected devices imposes a great demand on spectrum resource, which is now crowded with most frequency segments being statically and exclusively allocated to specific types of wireless devices. On the other hand, at any given time and place, less than 10 percent of the allocated spectrum is being utilized. Cognitive Radio is the next generation technology option further increase availability of spectrum by using these unused spectrum (white spaces/ spectrum holes) efficiently, opportunistically, and dynamically without causing any unacceptable interference to the licensed primary user. While the cognitive sensing has been investigated in recent years, there is a need to develop sophisticated methods that are reliable at low SNRs. There has been relatively less work on upper layer issues, such as the effects of distributed transmit power control, packet error rate and quality of service guarantee, as well as device level issues, such as energy constraints. Further, studies on the usage of cognitive radios for mobile medical health-care support are quite nascent. This project envisages a comprehensive approach to the design issues related to architectural planning, physical layer alternatives and their impact, medium access protocols and network layer processing including dynamic spectrum coordination, energy efficiency, individual and group mobility support, and broadband service provisioning on low-power flexible cognitive radio platform. In view of an urgent need for technologies for national-level mobile health-care support, and the fact that there has been no significant ongoing effort in the country on such technology development, application areas in this research project would fill this gap.


  • Dr. R Chandramouli, NSF SAVI: Institute for Cognitive Networking, New Jersey
  • Dr. Mainak Chatterjee, University of Central Florida, Orlando
  • Dr. Chitrabrata Ghosh, Intel Corporation, Santa Clara
  • Prof. Sridhar Varadharajan, IIIT Bangalore
  • Dr. R Ramjee, Microsoft, Bangalore


  • ISI Kolkata
  • SAMEER Kolkata

(2 )
Title: An elective course on cognitive radio
Title: An elective course on "Cognitive Radio Networks"

Remarks: Avg. enrolment per offering:18

(1 )
Title: 10 SDR Lab experiments utilizing "Xilinx System Generator, Vivado-HLS &USRP " and MATLAB software have been designed for PG students
(1 )
Title: Several SDR based experiments have been developed as a part of the Wireless Communication Lab at LNMIIT
(1 )

Remarks: Application Number:201811010849
Filing Date: March 23, 2018

(1 )
Title: Short Term Course on Advanced Wireless Sensor Network

Remarks: Date: 26th Sept. 2016

(6 )
Title: Flexible Hybrid WDM Optical Access Network-- Last Mile Unlimited Bandwidth Access

Remarks: Participants: 100 (Industry, ECE/CSE faculty, PhD, Masters, and Bachelors students)
Date: 29th May, 2014

Title: Invited tutorial in TEQIP-II Short-Term course on Recent Trends in Communication, Signal Processing, and VLSI, NIT Silchar

Remarks: Participants:50 (EE/CSE faculty, PhD, Masters, and Bachelors students)
Date: Feb. 2017

Title: Invited tutorial in Short-Term Faculty Development Program Towards 5G

Remarks: Participants:20 (EE faculty, PhD and Masters students)
Date: Dec. 2016

Title: Invited tutorial in Short-Term Course on Advanced Wireless Sensor Networks at IIEST-Shibpur, Howrah

Remarks: Participants:30
Date: Sep. 2016
2 sessions by Prof. Abhirup Dasbarman and by Prof. Swades De

Title: Invited tutorial at DRDO-sponsored Workshop on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, IISc Bangalore

Remarks: Participants:50 (ECE faculty, research students, DRDO researchers)
Date: Oct. 2015

Title: Invited lectures at Shiv Nadar University, Ambedkar Institute, Kurukshetra university and NITTR

Remarks: Participants: at least 60 in each institute
Date: 2015 and 2016

(10 )
Title: Workshop on Licensed Shared Access held at IIT Delhi, New Delhi
Institutes: IIT-DEL

Remarks: Participants:70
Date: 16th June 2015

Title: Workshop on Modelling, Simulation and Computational Techniques (WMSC-2015) held at LNMIIT, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Remarks: Participants:30 (ECE faculty, PhD, Masters, and Bachelors students)
Date: 2015

Title: Cognitive Radio Network with hands-on experiments

Remarks: Participants: 30
Date: 17th March 2016

Title: Next Generation Optical Access Technologies Through Fiber to Optical Wireless Research Towards Unlimited Bandwidth Access

Remarks: Participants: 30
Date: 26th to 29th September 2016

Title: Invited lectures/seminar at Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Remarks: Participants: 20 (DET/Networks faculty and PhD students)
Date: Jun. 2014

Title: Invited talk in the workshop Cognitive radio networks: Prospects and challenges, in the department of Computer Science and Engineering,NERIST

Remarks: Participants:30 (CSE faculty, PhD, Masters, and Bachelors students)
Date: 8-9 April, 2016
3 lectures by Prof. RanjanGangopadhyay, Prof. AbhirupDasbarman, and Prof. Swades De

Title: Invited seminar as a part of the Institute Seminar Series, at IIIT-Delhi

Remarks: Participants:30 (ECE faculty, PhD and Masters students)

Date: Nov. 2016

Title: Invited research talk at the INTEL Industry-Academia research interaction forum

Remarks: Participants: 10 each (INTEL researchers, other invited speakers in the individual sessions)
[two separate tracks: Communications: Prof. Shankar Prakriya; Low power systems: Prof. Swades De]
Date: Oct. 2016

Title: Invited seminar at NIT Calicut, Oct. 2016

Remarks: Participants:30 (ECE faculty, PhD and Masters students)
Date: Oct. 2016

Title: Invited talk at TCS Innovations Lab, Bangalore

Remarks: Participants:10 (TCS researchers)
Date: Jan 2015

(1 )
Title: AMITEC Ltd., Delhi

Remarks: Collaboration Area:SDR platforms for cognitive radio experiments

(2 )
Title: ISI Kolkata

Remarks: Collaboration Area:Joint work on theoretical mobility management issues

Title: SAMEER Kolkata

Remarks: Collaboration Area:Microwave measurements at high frequencies

(1 )
Title: IITD: Collaboration with Banda Singh bahadur College (Punjab) faculty

Remarks: Collaboration Area: Cognitive radio, resulted in an IEEE journal article

(2 )
Title: LNM-SpectrObs (An Android App for Spectrum Observatory of Rajasthan State, Product Domain: Software)
Title: RF-SpectroPi (Product Domain: Hardware)
(6 )
Title: National Study Group for ITU-R recommendations on Broadcasting Services

Remarks: Year: 2018

Title: Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology

Remarks: Year: 2018

Title: Member of COMSNETS Association

Remarks: Year:2017

Title: Associate Editor, IEEE Wireless Communications Letters

Remarks: Year: 2017

Title: Senior Editor, IEEE Communications Letters

Remarks: Year: 2016

Title: Associate Editor, IETE Technical Review Journal

Remarks: Year: 2016


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