Guidelines to ITRA Institutions on Publications

  • If the paper is to be published at a conference included in the ITRA approved list, ITRA would support participation in the conference. There is no need to contact ITRA about such participation
  • Each such paper must include the following acknowledgement:
  • This work is supported by Information Technology Research Academy (ITRA) , Government of India under, ITRA-Mobile grant [Insert here your administrative approval letter number, e.g., ITRA/15(XY)/Mobile/ABC ].

  • If the conference does not appear in the ITRA approved list, the team needs to justify the inclusion of the conference in the ITRA approved list. Only ITRA approves the inclusion of the conference in the master list, participation in such a conference will be supported.
  • ITRA does not support publication of papers in journals that require a publication fee. Exceptions to the fee include traditional costs such as additional/voluntary page charges.
  • If there are journals that get inappropriately ruled out, teams need to submit a justification to rectify this exclusion. Only after ITRA has recognized the journal as acceptable, papers may be published in the journal.
  • If a paper contains intellectual property that needs to be protected, then due care needs to be taken for such protection prior to the publication.
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