Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research Internships

To enlarge the R&D base, ITRA plans to attract deserving undergraduate/master’s students early on, i.e. while they are in the midst of their study programs (2nd year onwards for UGs and 1st year onwards for MS). They will be given an opportunity to be involved in ITRA projects, and thus be exposed to the project’s nationwide, growing and dynamic environment, and to world class research practices, fora and researchers. This should lead to a positive change in student’s perception of pursuing PhD in Indian institutions.

Student interns on the project will be compensated at the rates as follows:

i.       Interns working full time (during summers):

1. UGs: Rs. 8k-16k/month for up to 40 hrs/week
2. PGs: Rs. 12k-24k/month for up to 40 hrs/week

ii.       Interns working part time (during the academic term):

1. UGs: Rs. 60-100/hr for up to 10hrs/week
2. PGs: Rs. 100-200/hr for up to 15hrs/week

Students working on part time basis will be given an amount on pro rata basis. The internship awards are planned to be at 3 different levels.

Selection: Identification of student interns will be done via a rigorous evaluation of their achievements as well as research disposition. A committee of faculty from the institutions in the team considering offering internship to a student, chaired by the Lead PI of the team, will assign a grade to the student. The grade will determine if the student is an acceptable match to the project and a good PhD prospect, and if so, where on the capability scale s/he is placed, and therefore, what the internship award level within the specified range should be.