Vision, Mission, & Objectives


Mission: To build a national resource for enhancing the quality and quantity of R&D in ICTE (IT for short).

Objective: The main objective of ITRA is to achieve competitive advantage in IT and increasing the national R&D capacity, both quantitatively and qualitatively. This will be accomplished by:

  • Building R&D Groups in IT
  • Networking the Groups and connecting them to Industry and Society
  • Producing high quality PhDs for Industry, R&D labs and Academic Institutions
  • Enabling innovation in IT
  • Enhancing societal problem solving skills

ITRA is designed to produce a large numbers of IT researchers who are well equipped with the latest IT knowledge, educated in relating classroom knowledge to developing solutions, trained to spot problems amenable to IT solutions, motivated to identify societal problems in IT and other domains, and exposed to mechanisms for converting lab solutions to working prototypes. ITRA activities are aimed at a major increase in the national capacity of producing PhDs who could become faculty in academic institutions and address the needs of the industry and society at large.