ITRA-Ag&Food Technology Prototypes



ITRA-Ag&Food  (Projects Initiated in 2016)

1 Image IDGP: Image Based Systems for Identification of Individuals, Breeds and Diseases of Pigs and Goats
Large population groups of pigs and goats of North Eastern region are having high chances of surreptitious depletion and are yet to be characterized and documented. To provide secure animal identification, an image based IT solution is being developed to help producers keep records of animal’s parentage, birth, production and health history. It is very useful for precision farming system and implementation of different Governmental plans and policies for animal farming.
 2. E-Varaha: Information System for Safe Pork Production in North Eastern India
Systematic information about pig to pork chain is not available which makes it very difficult to establish a value chain mechanism and quality assurance for the farmer to the consumer link. As a solution an android application named SwineApp has been launched on Google Play Store to cover all the aspects of pig husbandry practices. E-Varaha survey website has been deployed for real time recording of routes of pig-to-pork.