Research (Focus) Areas are identified based on national priorities, need assessment and opportunities. For each focus area, specific projects are defined through Strategy Formulation Meetings of national and international experts and stakeholders. Currently, ITRA has initiated projects in three areas viz “IT based innovations in Water Resources Sustainability (ITRA-Water)”, “Mobile Computing, Networking & Applications (ITRA-Mobile)” and “IT based Transformations in Indian Agriculture and Food (ITRA-Ag&Food)”.

ITRA is currently under process for its focus area “Human Simulator for Amyloids Related Diseases (ITRA-HuSim)“.

ITRA is also considering areas such as Diagnostic Dome, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Cyber Physical Systems, Dependable Electronics/ VLSI, Computational Genomics, Biometrics – Technology for human identification, Cyber Security, Disaster Management, Transportation Networks, Railways, etc to be taken up in near future.

List of projects that ITRA has initiated so far.