Bhanu Neupane

ITRA is unique and it somehow essentially dismantles the long existing hierarchical research structure and it brings very senior professors and then at the same time the ones who have just joined the academia as young students, which is a phenomenal contribution of ITRA in changing the mindset of people about higher education. ITRA has brought individuals, stakeholders together in one family for role to play in a collective idea of development that essentially leverages the power of information technology and one of the most scarce resources in the world i.e. Water.

Not only we have made excellent partners around the team of ITRA but at the same time we have essentially opened couple of new avenues. Opportunity to renew some forgotten concepts, techniques and an educational platform for a lot more students.

Given the fact that the world has entered into a new era of development, the work that ITRA is doing can definitely advance the frontier of Sustainable Development Goals and it will not only help India to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in about 6 or 7 Goals out of 17  but at the same time, some of the knowledge it will develop will also benefit other countries around the world.

Dr. Bhanu Neupane, UNESCO, Paris