Request for International Travel

Application Process

STEP 1: Download the ‘Requisition-cum-Endorsement Form’ (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

STEP 2: The applicant has to fill-in all the requisite data and get the form endorsed by his team (i.e. one PI ​from each Institution has to endorse the form​ by signing​)​. ​The endorsed form should be scanned and preserved to be used for completing STEP 3.​

STEP 3: After the above offline procedure, the applicant fill the online ​international travel ​form and attach all documents as prescribed.

After successful completion of STEP 3, th​e​ ​travel request will be sent to the concerned ‘International Travel PI Committee’ for its recommendation. After positive recommendation from the PI Committee, ​ITRA shall process the request with MeitY. ​Accordingly, the decisions shall be communicated to the applicant.


1. As the international travel fund for the whole team is allocated to the Lead Institution, hence consent of the whole team for an international travel is mandatory. ITRA would request all the PIs and Co-PIs of the team, to immediately respond to all travel requests from the applicant.

2. Ideally, ITRA would take about 4-weeks​ to process any travel request, so online form (STEP ​3) must be submitted at least one month ahead of the travel dates.

3. Post-facto travel approvals shall not be considered by ITRA under any circumstances.


1. ALL requests to ITRA for support of international travel MUST be accompanied by this form duly completed. Forms that are incomplete or have insufficient information will be rejected.

2. IMP:  Per GoI norms, foreign travel to a conference/workshops will be evaluated in the context of a broader existing and/or planned research collaboration. While the primary objective is conference attendance (see footnote below for acceptable reasons), secondary objective should be to broaden existing collaborations. For example, current ITRA policies allow for 5 days (excluding travel) for attending a conference. This should suffice for a visit to pursue an existing collaboration or develop a new collaboration for, say, 2 days in the vicinity of the conference, and attending the conference for the remainder. In other cases, the total visit of greater than 5 days may be required if visiting a remote Mentor/Adjunct Faculty or collaborator. All approval will be on a case-by-case basis by ITRA and will be based on clear justification of the proposed international travel plan.

3. For ALL FACULTY Applicants: Attach a letter of invitation from your collaborator (e.g., a peer at another institution) for the side visit, stating briefly the purpose and dates of the visit.

For PhD students: The above letter and side visit is not required; however, identify peers at the conference/workshop with whom you will engage in technical discussions and quantify the expected resulting impact on your research in Items 2 and 3 of the Request for International Travel.

4. For all supported international travel, a 1-pg post travel summary is required from the awardee. This should summarize the results from a) attending the conference/workshop and b) outcomes of the interactions with collaborators/peers and any planned future activities.

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Foot Note:

1. As per the International Travel Criteria, ITRA shall support travel to only those conferences/workshops included in ITRA’s published lists (view list) by one of the authors.

2. For ITRA supported budget categories and guidelines regarding International Travel, see (view budget categories)

 Guidelines  List of Conferences  Supported Budget Categories