ITRA International Travel Application Form

Application Process

STEP 1: Download the ‘Requisition-cum-Endorsement Form’ (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)​

STEP 2: The applicant has to fill-in all the requisite data and get the form endorsed by his team (​i.e. one PI ​from each Institution has to endorse the form​ by signing​)​. ​The endorsed form should be scanned and preserved to be used for completing STEP 3.​

STEP 3: After the above offline procedure, the applicant fill the following online ​international travel ​form and attach all documents as prescribed.


Pl Note:


1. In view of the current austerity measures and economic constraints prevalent in the Government, Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) has recommended a cap on deputation of ITRA researchers abroad.
         As per the directions, only one international visit per project institution for the entire project duration will be permitted by MietY. Hence  international travel would not be supported for the ITRA reasearchers from such institutions from which researchers have already undertaken international   travel support through ITRA funds.

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