Faculty leadership is central to the success of the ITRA projects. Team awards are aimed at recognizing the leadership of PIs, Co-PIs and other senior personnel for the collaborative achievements made by their  teams.

There are four types of Team Award Grants:

1. Foresight Award Grant
2. Team Achievement Award Grant
3. Partnership Award Grant
4. Interdisciplinary Collaboration Award Grant

Each award will be in the form of a grant to the team. The recipient team will submit a brief statement of work along with a budget for the award amount. The budget will be flexible in that it could be used for any category of expense, e.g., to attend a different type of conference, invite experts, hire extra students for possible new work, etc., as needed. Any use of the award grant money on large equipment or international travel by the researchers will be acceptable, but it will be subject to the pertinent ITRA policies, and therefore, will require prior ITRA approval.

General Guidelines

1. All awards are planned to be given at the end of a year, based on the performance during the year, applicable to only the following, one year.
2. The awards will be given to entire team of ITRA Institutions.
3. The awards are based on self-competition, i.e., making note worthy leaps in capabilities, and not based on performing better than others. Whether an award is even given in a specific year would depend on whether anyone has made award worthy progress with respect to the award criteria.

The extent of progress is judged from quantitative measurements of performance with respect to the four ITRA metrics.