Interdisciplinary Collaboration Award Grant

To recognizecross-fertilization achievementsbetween IT institutions and X (domain specific) institutions in a team, leading to major interdisciplinary advances in IT-in-X research projects. The award will have 2 levels – Exemplary and Outstanding. The award will consist of a grant, in the amount of: For Exemplary level: 6 L (i.e., 3 L/institution) For Outstanding level: 3LRead More

Partnership Award Grant

To recognize a particularly important aspect of ITRA architecture – Partnering Institutions (PINs) in a pyralet advancing their quality with the help of their Lead Institution (LIN). It highlights the high level of importance ITRA associates with inter-institutional collaboration. Award worthy work will be assigned one of two levels – Exemplary and Outstanding. The awardRead More

Team Achievement Award Grant

To recognizeperformance of an ITRA team with respect to each of the four ITRA quality metrics (Research, Impact on Curriculum, Societal Sensitivity Development and Outreach) The award will be in three categories, each for award worthy performance with respectto the following groupings of ITRA performance metrics: (i) Research, (ii) Curricular Impact, and (iii) Societal SensitivityRead More

Foresight Award Grant

To encourage potential ITRA teams to be ambitious and come up with bold new ideas as a part of planning for ITRA project activities, particularly for addressing India specific problems. Accordingly, ITRA project proposals will be recognized for innovative, out-of-the-box content. The award will consist of a grant in the amount of Rs. 10 L

PhD Dissertation Award

To recognize high quality of PhD thesis of students in ITRA teams, in which the individual contributions made in different parts have high coherence and integrative value.PhD theses will be evaluated for quality and impact and those theses meeting a quality threshold will be given the award. This award will be given annually.The award willRead More

PhD Research Awards

To help continuously enhance the quality of PhD research, ITRA will recognize good work done by PhD students annually. The research performance of each student will be evaluated and assigned a performance grade at the end of eachyear, by a panel comprising mainly of technical experts. Awards will be given annually. Award worthy work willRead More


Faculty leadership is central to the success of the ITRA projects. Team awards are aimed at recognizing the leadership of PIs, Co-PIs and other senior personnel for the collaborative achievements made by their  teams. There are four types of Team Award Grants: 1. Foresight Award Grant 2. Team Achievement Award Grant 3. Partnership Award GrantRead More


There are two types of Student Awards: 1. PhD Research Award 2. PhD Dissertation Award General Guidelines 1. All awards are planned to be given at the end of a year, based on the performance during the year, applicable to only the following, one year. 2. The awards will be given to individual Students ofRead More


ITRA projects are fundamentally team oriented. Teamwork needs particularly strong attention in Indian academia and research institutions. The awards below are linked to the performance of the ITRA teams (including student researchers) with respect to the fundamental objectives of ITRA. General Guidelines 1. All awards are planned to be given at the end of aRead More

Quarterly Reports

PIs are requested to submitted quarterly report in PDF format. Please download and fill the PDF form and upload it. Instructions: Please rename PDF to <Research Area>-<ProjectName>-<Month of Submission>-<Year of Submission>. For example, for GridSense project submitting report in October 2014, the name of PDF would be Water-GridSense-10-2014.pdf. The reports are not to be signed.Read More

Contact Us

ITRA @ Digital India Corporation ITRA Digital India Corporation, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, ANNEXE, Electronics Niketan, MeitY, New Delhi – 110003 Phone: +91-11-26443266   Corporate Office of Digital India Corporation ITRA, Digital India Corporation Samruddhi Venture Park, Central MIDC Road #2, 4th Floor, Andheri (East) , Mumbai – 400093 Phone: +91-22-2831-2930/ 31

Partnership Award Grant

This award will be given to a LIN-PIN pair, for their joint work leading to noteworthy enhancement in the PIN’s quality, or to an entire pyralet, when all the PINs in a pyralet work closely with the LIN to take advantage of their larger combined scale and derive even greater and noteworthy enhancement in theRead More

Team Achievement Award Grant

Those teams with noteworthy performance in the preceding year with respect to the R&D progress metrics will be recognized with this award. The award will carry a monetary component and given as a top-up grant, beyond the grant amount they receive otherwise during the year.

Doordarshi Award

Among the proposals selected for support in a focus area, those having particularly well-presented, out-of-the-box ideas, approaches and plans for their ITRA activities, particularly for addressing India specific problems, will be given Foresight Award. The award will carry a top-up grant, beyond the grant amount they receive otherwise.

PhD Research Award

This award will be given to those PhD students whose performance during the preceding year is evaluated to be award-worthy. The award will carry a monetary component as well as a ‘citation’.

Performance of Spectrum Sharing Protocol for Uplink Transmissions in Cellular Communications with Relays

Presented at IEEE VTC Authors: Dileep Kumar Verma, Shankar Prakriya Abstract—In this paper, we consider a cellular communication system with half-duplex regenerative relays, and propose a dynamic spectrum access (DSA)-based protocol for simultaneous uplink transmission in the same frequency band as the downlink transmission. The proposed protocol facilitates better frequency utilization. In this protocol, relayRead More

Outage Performance of Dynamic Spectrum Access Systems with Energy Harvesting Transmitters

Presented at IEEE PIMRC Authors: Komal Janghel, Shankar Prakriya Abstract—We consider a two-hop primary network with a multi-antenna primary base-station (PBS) communicating to its distant primary receiver (PR) through a relay, and a secondary network with one of several energy harvesting secondary trans- mitters (STs) communicating to the secondary base-station (SBS). In this paper we proposeRead More

EnergyLens: Combining Smartphones with Electricity Meter for Accurate Activity Detection and User Annotation

Presented at Conference: ACM eEnergy, June 11 – 13, Cambridge, UK Authors: Manaswi Saha (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology – Delhi (IIITD)); Shailja Thakur (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology – Delhi (IIITD)); Amarjeet Singh (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology – Delhi (IIITD)); Yuvraj Agarwal (Carnegie Mellon University (CMU))