K.B.V.N. Phanindra

ITRA is very helpful for a way to grow along with our students, to solve societal problems. It is a real collaborative project which brings different communities, people and stakeholders along with end users to work together to address significant societal problems. The way ITRA reviewed the individual proposals and then later on collated andRead More


ITRA provided us one of the best platform to work together with different institutes and Govt. agencies and enjoy working together as a team to complete our project which is our first and foremost achievement as a group, apart from the technical outputs. This has most benefited the research students for collaboration with different institutesRead More

N.S. Raghuwanshi

Very nice concept. ITRA gave us the opportunity to work not only with Indian colleagues but also to interact with the international mentors at regular intervals. Overall a good community in terms of interaction.

Thomas Binford

I think ITRA projects are directly relevant to the Indian context, not necessarily as products that people can use, but as steps toward these products, which implies growth.

Bhanu Neupane

ITRA is unique and it somehow essentially dismantles the long existing hierarchical research structure and it brings very senior professors and then at the same time the ones who have just joined the academia as young students, which is a phenomenal contribution of ITRA in changing the mindset of people about higher education. ITRA hasRead More

Ajay Pradhan

ITRA is one of the innovative programme by MeitY. This project is not only confined to domestic institutes, it also has an International component to it, for mentoring and guidance in achieving the results. ITRA need to really take this experience to a different level by bringing additional funding and to involve more number of institutes andRead More

Vinod Tare

The work done by ITRA-Water teams is important for the nation as far as the water sector is concerned and we need to take this forward, the intensity of it has to be increased, its application to the fields has to be enhanced. ITRA’s evaluation process increases the quality of the work going on based onRead More

Praveen Kumar

The approach to research that ITRA is fostering is going to have significant impact. Most exciting is the Idea of getting researchers together internationally and researchers, student in India, to address challenging problems from very diverse backgrounds. The cross institutional collaboration that has happened, the enthusiasm of the students is very fortunate. The legacy of ITRA isRead More

Nayan Sharma

In principle ITRA’s evaluation process is very good, it’s not about routine presentation, it’s about brainstorming in which anyone can ask their queries, it’s more like sharing of information and problem solving.

Nani Bhowmik

Bringing people from different institutes, different culture working together during and even after the end of the projects is a positive outcome of ITRA.

Dr. Manish Shrivastava

The ITRA architecture is the best I have seen when it comes to project sanctions and evaluations.

Pushpendra Singh

The rigorous review process has helped us improve research quality a lot. Our project has 6 papers in published in tier one conferences which is an excellent outcome for Indian standards.

Gaurav Raina

ITRA has forced us to think from a multiplicity of viewpoints and asked hard questions about very relevant 21st century engineering problems.

Manish Gupta

The focus on real world impact as well as research excellence which is extremely good and that is what we need to ensure that we get tangible output from these research programs.

Sergey Gorinski

It’s an excellent model to follow, I personally have benefited from this model, but it does have it’s challenges.  

Satish Rath

ITRA offers a good combination of institutional and corporate research, the corporate research brings in the necessary experience for research management and it’s a great encouragement for the new professors to bring in industrialized research.

Archan Misra

I would rate the ITRA initiative very highly on three aspects. Firstly, it is one of the very few programmes, especially in India, that brings collaboration of the top tier institutions with the upcoming institutions, providing opportunity for students to interact with the big names in their domains, which really doesn’t exist in any otherRead More

Shiv Kalyanraman

I think ITRA is a very good experiment in the context of Indian academia, it tries to build the essential ‘habits’ of well performing academic teams.

Huzur Saran

ITRA is ambitious in trying to solve many problems with one effort such as innovatively solving real world problems through research, and to make research teams with one renowned institution and with other institutions that are not that renowned today with the expectation that these institutions will one day be able to become a leadRead More

ITRA-Water FW July 2016

ITRA Water Feedback Meeting (FW2016) Dates: July 28-29, 2016 Venue: KIIT University, Bhubaneswar Agenda: TBD Hosts and Contacts IGWL Team @ KIIT University, Bhubaneswar lead by Dr. Bitanjaya Das  Sr. Professor, SCE KIIT University, KIIT Road, Patia, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751024 MOB: 9437139839 email: bdasfce@kiit.ac.in  Click here to download ITRA-Water agenda  

UG & PG Internships

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research Internships To enlarge the R&D base, ITRA plans to attract deserving undergraduate/master’s students early on, i.e. while they are in the midst of their study programs (2nd year onwards for UGs and 1st year onwards for MS). They will be given an opportunity to be involved in ITRA projects, and thusRead More