Interactions of ITRA Teams with Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty (AF) are renowned researchers in an area relevant to the team. They may perform most of the functions normally performed by a mentor, but the mentors are an integral part of a team proposal, usually involved from the time of the inception of the team. AF are entrusted with and duly credited and rewarded for enhancing the team’s performance. AF may also be invited to complement the mentors from time to time. AF may choose to become mentors if need arises as they work with the teams. Types of Interactions between ITRA Teams and Adjunct Faculty

  1. Co-supervision of PhD/Master’s student theses
  2. Co-authorship of papers
  3. Co-teaching of courses
  4. Co-development and conduct of labs
  5. Co-planning and steering of research agenda and formulating proposals
  6. Giving seminars and short courses
  7. Working with team collaborators and other stake holders
  8. Help with outreach efforts
  9. Be an invited member of team feedback panels if needed
  10. Be an invited member of team evaluation panels if needed
  11. Guide teams to contribute to national and international professional organizations and activities involving conferences, journals, contests, standards, multinational initiatives, professional societies, etc.